Fabrizio Mason

Wall Designer


About US

The Fabrizio Mason‘s firm was born in 1996 and gained experience in enriching environments with his own artistic imagination. It redesigns the space according to the new concept of “wall design”, enhancing the existing according to the criteria of each customer.

Private houses, offices, bars, restaurants and every other residential or business corner take a new way to be “showed up“.

Fabrizio Mason care firsthand the restyling of the premises, from the study to the design to the implementation and the final delivery of the work. Also designs furniture, ceilings and plasterboard walls enhanced by his tailored special lighting.


Transforming with taste and passion every space into something unique, unrepeatable, attractive and never monotonous.
Provide unique solutions, respecting delivery time and following every stage of the work, in collaboration with the best professionals in the industry


  • solution design (decoration, lighting, plaster, resin floors and tailor-made furniture);
  • building renovation;
  • internal insulation;
  • textural processing in low and high relief;
  • contemporary frescoes on lime, faux finishing, gypsum and art installations;
  • textural application on the floor and walls resins, grasello lime, modern stucco, Venetian classics, encaustic, earthenware, bright and decorative acrylic enamels, marbles opaque, satin, glossy, smoothing plaster..


Fabrizio Mason has revived the Aula Magna of the Liceo Classico Stellini in Udine, he decorated the Villa Roncato of Crauglio and other famous clubs like Udinese Hausbrandt coffee in Piazza San Giacomo, the Golden Lion in Largo del Pecile, the Gianduja, Antica Colonna di Via Vittorio Veneto.

It collaborated in the Decoration of room 2 Michelin stars “At Godia Friends” (before the current restructuring).

He also designed and built the external decoration of the office of Microtek company in Tavagnacco .


Your personality reflected in your more intimate setting.
The live yesterday today and tomorrow.
Originality and style in the visual arts, born from strong emotions
developed over time into a unique passion,
create today unimaginable atmospheres through ancient, classical and modern painting techniques.